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Achieve Your Dream, Master Your Time, And Find The Focus To Write Your Book

with Dr Yasmin Finch

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“This lady is changing my life. I wouldn’t be doing any of the stuff I’m doing without her.”

CLAIRE, writing her first book
Writing bootcamp & confidence course member
Dr Yasmin Finch. Writer & Coach

“I have a deep amount of respect for Yasmin, on a professional and personal level. I also trust and value her expertise, which has made working with her a safe and productive space.”

Samantha, 1-2-1 coaching client

I know you really want to get your book written and it just feels like life keeps getting in the way.

I know you have that book in you, it keeps popping into your mind. Maybe when you’re on holiday or when you see an opportunity to move forward with it. So may times you wished it was already written.

It’s time to get it written.

I know you can do it. You just need a bit of support and some guidance, sprinkled with a bit of accountability and some friends to talk to about the journey.

I can’t wait to see you finish it.

I know you can.

It’s time to write your book.

I’m going to help you…

Find the time to write

Give yourself space to write

Get the confidence to write

And finally get it done

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