How to set up a writing desk

A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction

Virginia Woolf

Space is really important when you’re writing. Get yourself off the kitchen table and give yourself a desk. Even if all you can afford is a cheap camping table in the corner of your lounge.

How do you set up a writing desk? What does that space need?

When I was a teen I worked for a bit as a cleaner for some extra income.

One family I cleaned for had the most divine renovated old farmhouse. The rooms felt like they rolled on forever. There were guest bedrooms with different colour schemes (I adored the ocean blue room with the oak four poster and the scrolling white on blue flower pattern curtains), there was a kitchen the size of a small flat, instagramable kids rooms, a playroom that Montessori would be envious of and THE MOST divine gothic style dining room that felt like a small church

But the desk in the study is what I want to tell you about. It sat in that room like the king of its kingdom, Lord of all it surveyed. Antique… mahogany… it looked like you’d need a small crane to move it.

It was a power desk. Anyone working at it had an immediate advantage. It just wasn’t going to let you do anything but your best.

Okay, so you may not have the king of desks, but you know what? You can have a beautiful, dedicated space that inspires you and makes you want to sit down and get writing that book.

Here’s how to set it up…

  • You need a desk. Any desk. It can be cheap, expensive, temporary, permanent, in the kitchen or in the hall, whatever, but get yourself a desk.
  • Then get a comfortable chair and make sure you’re not tilting your head too much. You’re going to be sat here a long time.
  • If you’ve got a laptop invest in a separate keyboard, so you can raise your screen.
  • Then add some things to inspire you.
  • Things you love.
  • Things related to your characters.
  • Things that remind you why you’re writing.
  • Maybe a plant to keep you company?

Finally, keep clutter to a minimum and make sure you schedule your time there to write!

It’s time to write your book.

PS. Love Pinterest? Choose a pin for your writing board…