Want to Get Your Book Written? Do this.

The most vital thing you can do to get your book written is set yourself a deadline.

DR Yasmin FInch

The most vital thing you can do to get your book finished is set yourself a deadline.

When I did my PhD I had a built-in deadline. There was a date it had to be finished by or I failed. That date was seared into my mind. It had to be done by then or it was game over.

When you’re writing a book you don’t have that, unless it’s book 2 or 3 and you have a publisher waiting.

If it’s your first book, the thought of a deadline might feel really odd. It’s just your book, you’re writing it at your own pace, but you know what, you’re making it harder for yourself.

The one simple act of giving yourself a deadline, a date, an actual day in the diary, that you’d like to get it done by, will help you get focussed on writing in a whole new way.

It can be whenever you want. If you think you need a long time, give yourself a long time.

If you want to get it done soon, and want to be really motivated, give yourself an ambitious date. You can always change it later.

(In Writing Bootcamp we walk you through exactly how to approach changing your deadline without loosing momentum and enthusiasm.)

So, get a pen and write down a date.

Every marathon needs a finish line.

You’ve got this.

It’s time to write your book.

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